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Our Policies

We take payment before the dog sit/ dog boarding. For grooming, there is a down payment.

We request the following information about your pet prior to their arrival. 

  • Dog schedule, etc. potty breaks 

  • Eating habits (allergies? picky eater?) 

  • Their nature

  • And anything else you'd like to tell us



  • No Female on heat 

  • All dogs must be non aggressive. We do not tolerate any dogs with aggressive behavior as we value the wellbeing of the dogs in daycare the most. Any aggressive behavior will mean that your dog will be sent home, we will notify you and make sure you are aware of this behavior in our care. 

  • It is our main concern that all dogs at Floofy Paws are in excellent health. If your dog is feeling unwell and you are unsure why your dog is unwell, please DO NOT bring your dog to daycare as we do not want it to spread to other dogs. 

  • All dogs should have their manatory vaccines up to date. 

  • If your dog does roll in mud/fox poo/poop, gets peed on, we will offer you a bathing service. 

  • If you would like someone else to pick up your dog on bealf of you, please inform us a day prior and we will need the name and picture of the person. ID checks will be needed as well if we think your dog is not picked up by the right person. 

  • Pee Band will be put on if your dog is not house trained/marks around the house. 

Day care

  • We work on a first come first serve basis, once we are fully booked you will have to find another day

  • Our day care hours are 8am to 6pm ( rate is as usual )

  • 6pm is our "closing" time - which means after 6pm Day Care becomes Night Care

  • Pick up after 6pm has a surcharge of £10 ( will be shown in invoice as "Late Pick Up" )

  • Pick up after 12am ( midnight ) another surcharge of £15

Night Care

  • Night care starts after 6pm and ends at 12am

  • 1hour - £20; 2hours - £28; 3hours - £35; 4 + hours - £40

  • Late pick up after 12am has a surcharge of £15


  • Boarding has a flat rate of £45 ( pick up time before 8am)

  • If Boarding is multiple nights £45 covers the following day's Day Care, except for the day of pick up

  • Pick up after 8am will surcharge at Day Care rate


Cancellation Policy

  •  We will send a text and email reminding your appointment is in 24 hours

  •  Appointments can be re-scheduled or cancelled 24 hours before your appointment without charge

  • If you contact us with less than 24 hours’ notice you will be charged half of the service

  •  If you do not show up to your appointment you will be charged for the entire service. This is because as a small business, we cannot afford to lose on our income so please remember to cancel or reschedule your appointment early if you can’t make it!


Late Arrival Policy

  • If you are late, we would appreciate that you call us to tell us that you will be late for your appointment

  • The most that you can do is 30 minutes late, over that we will have to charge you £10 to reschedule (Bear in mind the appointment can be rescheduled to a much later date as we may be very busy and full with other appointments)


Late Collection Policy

  • If you are running late to collect your dog, please call us to tell us how late you will be, but we will be happy to keep him/her under our care until you are able to come collect him/her

  • If someone else is picking the dog up please let me know before. Also, please give the details and relation of the person picking the dog up to you and the dog.


Matted Dogs Policy

  • If the dog is completely matted all over and it will cause the dog too much pain for me to try and brush it out then the dog will have to be shaved and you will have to sign a waiver. If your dog is matted all over and is being shaved there is a possibility as groomers there could uncover cuts or any other problems that was hidden by the matted hair. Therefore, before we do a groom on a matted dog, we will kindly ask you to sign waiver that FLOOFY PAWS does not have responsibility to what is under the matted coat.

  • If the dog is only matted in a few areas and brushing out is an option, then an extra charge will be added.

  • Your dog’s welfare is the most important thing to us, we will do whatever we can to ensure your dog is comfortable while getting groomed.

  • If the ears are matted there is a chance of the dog getting haematoma (which is where blood rushes to the ears due to unusual loss of weight in ears in which causes the blood to fill the blood vessels and maybe causing a rupture). This is in no fact our fault.

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