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Our Favourite Treats for Dogs!

There are numerous different types of dog treats in the market, but which ones are the best for your dogs? As owners, we always want the best for your dog, with the best ingredients for their diet. We have gathered some of the best luxury treats for your dog. All made with natural ingredients and pure meats with no substitutes.

Innocent Hounds - Sliced Venison Sausage

The Innocent Hound’s Sliced Venison Sausage is one of their most popular treats for dogs. The treat is handmade in Yorkshire with potato, 80% air-dried fresh venison meat that is sustainably sourced and don’t worry if your dog has a grain allergy because this treat is also grain free.It is only made with the finest ingredients and they make sure to gently air-dry their treats so that all the nutrients and flavor is still there.

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Innocent Hounds - Puppy Training Treats with Lamb & Yellow Split Pea

The Innocent Hound’s Puppy Training Treats with Lamb and Yellow Split Pea is perfect to do training with your new puppy. The treat is made with simple ingredients and small enough to fit in your puppy’s mouth in one go. The puppy training treats are also soft, making it easy to chew and swallow for your little ones. The treat is handmade in Yorkshire with 80% air dried lamb to make sure that all the nutrients and flavor is still there.

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JR Pets - Pure Meat Sticks

JR Pet Pure Meat sticks is an award winning treat, they are made with the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat and it is grain and gluten free, perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies. There is aso no additives, preservatives therefore, it is literally just plain meat! These treats could be fed for all breeds, both kibble and raw-fed dogs can enjoy them as well. There are 12 different kinds of meats including the most popular ones: chicken, rabbit, beef, venison, lamb and much more.

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Marshfield Farm Scoops Ice Cream for Dogs

Scoops Ice Cream is one treat that is perfect for the summer days. Now when you’re having an ice cream on a hot day your dog can get one too! It is made with Marshfield Farm’s fresh milk and the workers add lactase enzyme to reduce the lactose, to make sure doggies with sensitive tummies can also indulge in this delicious treat. Of course since it is ice cream for dogs, they have made sure to decrease the fat and sugar content and add vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3 oil to the vanilla ice cream to make it doggy perfect. There are 4 main ingredients that are different to the human version of vanilla ice cream. Glucosamine is added for joint care, hemp oil that is rich in Omega 3 is added to maintain a glossy coat, vitamin C is added for the immune system and curcumin is added for its natural anti-inflammatory uses.

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